How to put demos on a psp

Putting demos on your psp is a very easy process and will give you lots of joy playing you new demos! So i have assembled a guide together to teach you how to put a demo on your psp!

Step 1) First use the search engine at the top of the page to find the demo your looking for, once you have found the correct demo for you download it and save it to your computer hard drive.

Step 2) Once you have saved the demo onto your computer extract it.

Step 3) Plug the USB cable into the top of your psp and into your computer and on your xmb navigation menu on your psp scroll to settings and then click on usb connection

Step 4) Now your psp is connected to your computer go back onto your computer and click start then click on my computer, a window will pop up on your computer screen, in this window you will see a section called 'devices with removable storage' there will be a device called 'psp' in this section. Open it up

Step 5) Now your in all the files for your psp, you should see files such as 'PHOTO' 'MUSIC' and 'GAME' for this guide you will need the 'GAME' folder if your already have a game folder skip to step 7.

Step 6) If you don't have a 'GAME' folder then click file -> new -> folder and rename this folder 'GAME' in caps locks but without the quotation marks.

Step 7) Open up the GAME folder now this is where you copy the psp demo into. So relocate the psp demo that you downloaded in step 2, right click on it and select the option copy.

Step 8) Go back to the PSP GAME folder and right click the background and select the option paste. Now your psp demo will be copying over to your psp.

Step 9) Once the psp demo has finished copying over you can now safely disconnect your psp from your computer. On your psp press 'o' and unplug the usb cable. Now on your psp xmb navigation menu scroll to GAMES and down to the bottom.

Step 10)You should now see your new psp demos at the bottom in the memory card sections, Have Fun! If you need any help please make a comment below.


Joshua said...

how do i extract a folder plz email response at

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Anonymous said...

my demos keep coming up as corrupted data i have no idea what to do
please help

Anonymous said...

sorry email is

bryan said...

same with me my file is saying corrupted data

Anonymous said...

This thing isn't workinggg